Claire Mae Skin Care Products

About Claire Mae

Claire Mae Skin Care Products, a visionary company with an entrepreneurial spirit that was inspired by beauty secrets from a traditional Southern culture. Taught from an early age that beauty must last forever.

The journey started when products could not be found to give immediate results. Making you wait to see results is not what we wanted. Thinking if we can send rockets into space why can’t we take wrinkles from our face to create a youthful appearance? We knew we could do better.   After carefully selecting our scientific team we went to work.  After two years of formulas, Claire Mae Skin Care was created.

At first, the goal was to create products for our personal use, but then a phenomenon started to happen. People approached her, at restaurants, while shopping asking what products she was using on her face.

It is possible to turn back the clock and get youthful looking skin again. Skin damage can also be reversed with three basic tenets, turn over skin cells, stimulate collagen, and add volume. That’s when she knew she had created something special. What makes Claire Mae Skin Care unique is that you see RESULTS now. When you look in the mirror, it looks back saying, “You are beautiful”. You see a youthful you right away.

At Claire Mae, our company philosophy is to bring nature and science together. We blend plant botanical extracts and luscious oils with state of the art technology to create (what we think is) the best skin care products on the market. Browse our full line of skin care products and we think you will agree that Claire Mae Skin Care products are the best.

Claire Mae Skin Care Products